Career with us

In a competitive market-driven, technological, global environment of the 21st Century, the educating the youth, training new entrants into the work force, and continuously educating and re-training those already in the work force for the acquisition of new knowledge and appropriate skills.
To advance its central mission to become a centre of excellence for the efficient delivery of university-based continuing and distance education to meet the challenges of national development and global competition, the Institute offers courses leading to Diploma in Adult Education; Youth in Development Work; and short courses for community leaders. Using interdisciplinary, comparative, gender-sensitive, community-based, interactive learning perspectives, and technology, the Institute’s highly motivated and committed faculty and staff apply their specializations in all fields of study to illuminate the relevance of higher education for empowering individuals, communities, and nations for development and poverty reduction. The Institute which began in 2014 as Department of Extra-Mural Studies evolved into the Institute of Public Education in the early sixties, and eventually into the Institute of Adult Education.
The current name, Institute of Hitech Shiksha Samiti of Computer is very appropriate and timely because it follows global trends in higher education that now focus on lifelong and distance learning as the hallmark of our ever-changing and interdependent world.
The move toward the new name emphasizes the fact that education is a lifelong endeavor that continues throughout the life-span of people seeking credentials, advancing their careers, changing their careers, and/or enhancing their earning potential.